Attack SpeedEdit

The game measures the rate of attack for any unit or hero by it's delay for the next animation. You can find a unit's Attack Speed in the RECRUITMENT menu for each building which produces units. You can find a hero's attack speed on the weapon which it equips. Weapon speeds can vary from .8 to 1.4 depending on it's type. The lower the number listed, the faster the unit or hero will attack.

Here are some simple examples:

  • Imperial Onager has Attack Speed 5.
    * Elite Pharaoh Archer has Attack Speed 3
    * Chariot's have Attack Speed 3
    * Imperial Desert Cavalry have Attack Speed 2
    * Imperial Desert Axeman have Attack Speed 1.5
    * Chinese Chu-Ko-Nu have Attack Speed 1
    * Estoc, a Common Hero Weapon has Attack Speed 0.8

Skills Which Increase Attack Speed (reduce the delay)

Blitz 1, 2, 3

Stampede 1, 2

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