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Carnage Edit

Carnage points are points you get from killing player owned troops from another country or by killing units in battlefield or a Contested Zone.  When you gain enough Carnage you can learn powerful talents. Battling players within your Civ will result in only 1/3 of the normal amount of Carnage.if you kill troops from someone in your own civ they will get half back.

At 40k, 175k, 445k and 850k Carnage, new talents get unlocked that increase various stats,

Carnage gain per unit killed

T1 pelt: 0.1

T1 pike: 0.1

T1 archer: 0.1

T1 cavalry: 0.1

T1 crossbow: 0.1

T1 trebuchet: 0.1

T2 pelt: 0.2

T2 pike: 0.2

T2 archer: 0.3

T2 cavalry: 0.3

T2 crossbow: 0.3

T2 trebuchet: 0.3

T3 pelt: 0.3

T3 pike: 0.4

T3 archer: 0.4

T3 cavalry: 0.5

T3 crossbow: 0.5

T3 trebuchet: 0.6

T4 pelt: 0.4

T4 pike: 0.5

T4 archer: 0.5

T4 cavalry: 0.6

T4 crossbow: 0.6

T4 trebuchet: 0.7

Armored Knight: 0.9

Gladiator: 0.9

Chariot: 1.2

Anubis: 1.0

Chu-Ko-Nu: 1.2

Mangudai: 0.9

War Elephant: 1.2

Muslim Cavaliers: 0.8

Ranks and RequirementsEdit

Recruit -0 Carnage Required

Private - 24,000 Carnage Required

Sergeant - 40,000 Carnage Required (Where you get to learn your first set of Talents)

Master Sergeant - 96,000 Carnage Required

Captain - 175,000 Carnage Required (Where you get to learn your second set of Talents)

Cavalier - 384,000 Carnage Required

Cavalier Captain - Carnage Required

Brigadier General - Carnage Required

Lieutenant - Carnage Required

General Carnage Required

Supreme Commander - Carnage Required

Commander in Chief

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