Snail Games USA has taken a harsh stance agains all cheating in-game.

According to official messages sent in-game to notify players, all cheater accounts are deleted. Snail Games also "really enjoy[s] deleting the cheater's accounts."[1]

Cheating methods

  • Botting, the use of automated computer programs to increase the speed or efficiency of a user's account
  • Macros, similar to botting
  • Multiple accounts, having multiple in-game accounts for any purpose, usually to aid each other
  • Account sharing, sharing account information or when more than one person plays on the same account to gain edge over legitimate players
  • Others

If you have any tips or info about other players cheating, please email us at

  1. In-game mail 2010-12-09 18:02:10 "Reminder about cheating"
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