Closed BetaEdit

The Closed Beta is where everything started. The Closed Beta had a lot of bugs, at some point resources wouldn't rise anymore, there were lots of spelling errors. Battles on the worldmap would often crash the game. Schwan and Dmat were the first top players in the First Age of the closed beta version.

A few weeks after more people started dripping in on the server, which started the Second Age of the closed beta. Distinguished people in this time were Aidan, Genetic, ultimate and 1234. Guilds that flourished were TeamZer0, Tankards, The Gods, and Mortis.

At the Third Age Snail began to call in more bulk players, Distinguished people during that time were Dodgy, Ra, Legion, Gary.

The end of the Third Age was marked my the Server Wipe of 9/28, where the SnailGames people deleted all the data of all the players. This started the Fourth Age, where the distinguished people were mostly former experienced beta testers. Guilds that flourished were Jiàng hǔ (formerly TeamZer0), Mercs, SPQR, Embalmers, Murder, and Legions.

At the end of the closed beta, the SnailGames people gave out free items and leveled up heroes to level 100. This was in preparation for the Final Battle where the 4 civilizations fought it out to see who was the best. In the end Egypt won

On Sunday, November 14, there was another data wipe. This was the launch of the game. The closed beta ended, and the open beta began.

Snail Employees played as well, 5 players were known to be Snail Employees

Ender - PR Manager

Strokke - Community Manager

Yourmom - Creative Director

Cheese - Marketing

Zohan - Creative Director

Wars over Neutral Regions were locked and it was impossible to build secondary Cities until the Fourth Age.

The worldmap was only half the size it is now.


Changes made to beginner interface:

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