Where to find EventTab

See above picture to find the Event Interface.

Event tab

Here you will find many different Events which will give you different rewards.

  • Some events will give you items needed for Cooking or Smithing.
    1. Some of these Events will help you get the Ore Items needed for forging troop gear.
    2. Others will give you necessary food items to Cook food with troop bonuses and experience.
  • Some events are for the Hero Monument.
    1. Hero Monument Events will give you T5 units that can help you level in the beginning.
    2. Other Hero Monument Events will give you resource packs to help you while upgrading your city.


  • Other Events will help you get weapons that you may want to better equip your Hero.
    1. To get a weapon you will need to collect Weapon Fragments.
    2. Weapon Fragments are found in Lairs as well as when you get unlucky and fail an augmentation.


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