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In MoW you can join guilds, or create your own guild. Just click the guild sign on the lower menu (bottom of the screen) to join or create one. Creating a guild costs 50,000 Gold. Joining a guild doesn't cost anything, and you don't need to build any special building to join a guild. Only people of the same civilization as the guild can join a guild. (i.e. A Chinese person can't join an Egyptian guild, only an Egyptian can join an Egyptian guild).GuildTab

  • Guilds are able to capture Holy Places (the ones on the World-Map), and territory.
  • There are 7 different tabs for the guild.
    1. Overview - Shows options to move to Guild Territory and other things.
    2. Member - Gives you the list of members, ranks and shows their Glory and Guild Contributions.
    3. Event - Tells you what people do inside the guild (i.e. when someone joins, declares and purchesed items)
    4. Skill - Tells you what available skills your guild has and which are upgrading for you to donate to.
    5. Building - Has a building list and shows you which are upgrading.
    6. City - This tab will show you which Contested Zones your guild occupies as well as where you have declared to attack.
    7. StageCoach - A new feature. Only a guild leader can open one. It can only be used once a day for 10 minutes. Used to Teleport like you would to a CZ.

These are what the guild tasks look like.

Guild tasks

1. You will receive guild coins for each task finished which are different, but the guild will receive the same amount of resources no matter which you do. You cannot donate resources to the guild like before you MUST do guild tasks for them.

2. Active members are very important to maintaining a guild and Contested Zones being owned are also important.

3. You need ore (i.e. iron ore) that you can only find in level 10 lairs to donate to upgrade buildings and skills both. You can also get ore from collection points which are no longer required to be in your territory but hero level does matter.


4. Guild Coins can be used to buy things in the Guild Shop such as troops, potions, vouchers, ingredients and gear. You can also get Guild Coins from donating Ore (i.e. Iron Ore) to upgrade buildings and skills.

Guild Leader Authority

Daily Tasks adjustment:

1. Ultimate Challenge – Participate in 10 Arena competitions to finish this task and get 1 Weapon Fragment.

2. Defending Champion: Get 5 combo wins – Get 5 combo wins in Arena to finish this task and get 10 Gift Coupons.

3. Fate of Greed – Buy the given goods in given cities to finish this task and get 10 Gift Coupons.

4. Law of Jungle – Plunder any city to finish this task and get 10 Gift Coupons.

5. Visit a Friend – Visit a friend to finish this task and get 10 Gift Coupons.

  • The Guild Shop feature. As a guild leader you can set limits to how much each member in a certain rank can buy.
  • Everything done in the guild requires guild coins. (i.e. Buying gear or items and learning guild skills)

5. The Military Base will give you passive skills that will also be important. Each skill from the Military Base will cost you guild coins.

Military Base

A. To upgrade the skills in the Military base you need ore (i.e. Iron Ore) which are found in level 10 lairs and collection points.

B. These skills cost guild coins each time that you "Learn" a level of it.

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