The Hero Monument is a special building that allows you to earn your civ's ranged T5 units every time you upgrade it. However, each level must be built during a specific age. If you evolve an age before upgrading the monument, you must use the Hero Monument Building Card to upgrade.

To obtain the units, click on Event after upgrading the tower and look for the task in question.


Each level of the Monument requires 790 Wood, 1580 Stone, 790 Metal, and requires no more than 10 seconds to build.

  • Savage Age: 100000 Gold, 25 T5 units
  • Dark Age: Hero Monument level 1 required, 1000000 Gold, 60 T5 units
  • Feudal Age: Hero Monument level 2 required, 2000000 Gold, 140 T5 units
  • Castle Age: Hero Monument level 3 required, 4000000 Gold, 300 T5 units
  • Empire Age: Hero Monument level 4 required, 8000000 Gold, 700 T5 units
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