1) Disconnected from Server

Sometimes you get message "Disconnected from Server" on trying to log in. No clue why it happens sometimes without reason. - But you are able to solve this problem yourself: Clear the browser cache/cookies etc, restart your computer, reset your router etc.

2) Mines building bug

Some people did need to relog, to be able to build their first mines.


1) Units dont listen

Units dont listens on "clicks" in battles. ( ... =viewtopic)

2) Arena - map dont loads ... =viewtopic


1) If a GM levels up your hero, and it's in the on-hook arena, when you take it out of the on-hook arena, it goes back to the original level.

2) Heroes may look like other civilization heroes, missionaries, and merchants.


1) Invalid trade route bug

Alxa League (3161 526) to Jingchang (3123 525)dont works. Even if its shown as trade route on map. Same for Yushsu (3101 646) to Haixi (3074 598).

2) Collects / gold not added

Collects / gold not added if merchants returning home. ( ... =viewtopic)

3) Swimming merchants not returning

Swimming merchants not returning home. ( ... =viewtopic)



1) Plundering bug

If you plunder with 2 heroes, which arrive within the same 10 minutes plundering time, one will stop on the enemys town and doing nothing. you also wont get an info on that.


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