Enter the Arcadian Ladder

Click on the battle tab and click on the “Arcadian Ladder” to enter.


The Arcadian Ladder is a place for players to gain experience, items, and equipments. The ladder is laid out similar to a tower which includes 5 major levels. Each major level includes 10 sub-levels. You can only enter the next level by completing the current level.


Awards for Winning

You will receive the awards after completing all 10 of the sub-levels. The awards are random and include equipment and items. The higher you rise in the ladder, the better the chance to receive higher ranking awards, so don’t give up!


How to add Troops

If you click on “Add Troops” the following interface will pop-up. Click on the Castle or Campsite where you have placed your troops, then click on the “Arcadian Ladder Order” to transfer in the troops.



On the main interface, please click on “Leave” to end the challenge.


Ladder Missions need to be accepted to receive the vast rewards of ore, experience books, skils, and gear. Go to missions button on ladder interface screen. See ladder missionsfor info.

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