Citizens remain happy and productive only as long as you provide victories in the field, food for your troops, and stability at home. A high loyalty rating will bring resource production bonuses. Recklessly losing battles and over-recruiting will negatively impact Loyalty and productivity.

Once loyalty is below 90 the resource production is lowered.

Once loyalty is below 40 the resource production is 0.

Loyalty Increase and DecreaseEdit

Loyalty Increasing Parameters - Building - +5

Loyalty Increasing Parameters - Science And skill - +5

Loyalty reducing parameters - Combat Science and skill

Loyalty Reducing Parameters - Over-recruitment

More ways of increasing itEdit

- A Pay to play card can increase loyalty to 100 once a day

- Loyalty can also be gained by donating gold in the Town Center at a 10,000 Gold : 1 loyalty ratio. This can only be done once a day.

- A good way to increase loyalty is by building city gates, city walls, and towers.

not anymore since the patch gates towers and walls no longer increase loyalty points

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