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Merchant Tutorial - Part 1Edit

Money! The most important resource needed to wage any military campaign. Your merchants are vital for a strong economy and with care will allow you to raise mighty armies.

To being using merchants, you must first [Evolve] your civilization to the Feudal Age using the Progress of Civilization upgrade tool.

Feudal upgrade

Trade post can be constructed by Evolving to the Feudal Age.

Build the tradepost in your city.
Build tradepost

Access your tavern to recruit a merchant! Note that your tavern will need to be appropriately upgraded so that Merchants are available to recruit.

Access tavern

Merchant hire list

Access the merchant tab in the tavern hire menu and select a merchant. Remember the color sequence, purple and blue merchants will level up higher than white or green merchants as discussed in the hero section of the MoW Wiki.

Access your Trade Post.

Access tradepost

(1) Select an amount of gold to load onto your merchant then click [Load gold]. It is suggested to start your new merchant between 50,000 and 100,000 gold as this will allow them to buy enough products to fill their capacity at any trading city. If you have collection items as seen on the left item box, you can load those items to sell at a trade center. (2) Click [Leave] to start your merchant on his journey!

After selecting [Leave] a map will be displayed showing the locations your merchant can travel. When your merchant is just starting his career, he can only move one city at a time. Later as your merchant gains experience, he can move one extra city on his route for every 10 levels.
Merchant travelmap

Merchant_Tutorial_2 will cover selling goods and setting up the next journey.

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