On this page is an alphabetical list of merchant names, which are randomly decided by server to show up in your Tavern.

Some hero names are same with merchant and missionary names.

All hero, merchant and missionary names are changeable with Hero alias item, which can be purchased from "Add Points" shop by purchasing so called MinistryofWar Points.

Rome I will eat you Edit

Roman male merchant name pool include

  1. Lionel
  2. Cincinnatus
  3. Polyeuctus
  4. Laurie
  5. Fabianus
  6. Constantine

Roman female merchant name pool include

  1. Dido
  2. Lucretia

Egypt Bitch please Edit

Egyptian male merchant name pool include

1. Rashidi


3. Bahiti

4. Haji

5. Ashraf

6. Turhami

7. Amsu

8. Fenuku

9. Heru*

10. Kamuzu*

11. Molise

12. Bes*

13. Ammon*

14. ...

Egyptian female merchant name pool include

  1. Femi
  2. Eshe
  3. Theoris
  4. Sabah
  5. Selk


Persian male merchant name pool include

  1. Tabor
  2. Hebert

Persian female merchant name pool include

  1. Samira
  2. Hinda
  3. Zenda
  4. sucj
  5. Azita
  6. Marjan
  7. Rasa


Chinese male hero merchant pool include

  1. Zhou_Xiang
  2. Lu_Tian
  3. Wang_Feng
  4. Xu_Xian
  5. Zhang_Yong
  6. Bai_Qi
  7. Meng_Li

Chinese female hero merchant pool include:

No female merchants

Special merchant namesEdit

Snail Games USA has indirectly given some "special" merchant names that still roam the wild and bazars of MoW.

The Great Pilgrimage Contest 2010Edit

Right after launch of the game "The Great Pilgrimage Contest" was held on Thanksgiving 2010. Event was held on the first MoW server Fury.

To participate players were given free Hero alias cards to change their merchant names to one of the following. If you see them roaming around, chances are they are from this competition.

  1. Squanto
  2. Bradford
  3. MyTurkey
  4. HotYams
  5. AGobbler
  6. CornCobb
  7. Mayflowa
  8. Cranbrry
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