Occasionally when a server dries up, it is necessary to merge 2 or more together. this is an example of what happens to your city whem that happens:

Upgrading and technology researching that is currently in progress will be finished automatically

Heroes, Merchants, Missionaries will be recalled to your city

Equipped gears of heroes and goods of merchants will be put into packs

Items that are in use will remain effective

Friendship, VIPs, gifts, and messages will be untouched

Active Items and points in the Auction house will be returned

Spirituality will be reset to zero

Temples and campsites will be demolished and troops of campsites will be disbanded. All heroes at these locations will be returned to their respective city. We strongly suggest players transport all the gold, troops from campsites to city before server merge</span></span>

Arena and civilization rankings will be reset

Inactive accounts that haven’t logged in within the last 90 days will be deleted

Accounts without a character will be deleted

All Contested Zones on the affected servers will be reset

Arcadian Ladder tasks will be reset, players can complete the tasks again after servers are merged

Ingame mails and events will be deleted. We encourage you to retrieve any un-accepted items before they’re deleted

All bound gear will be unbound


AFTER the merge... 1st get your gold loaded on Merchants ASAP. Plunder OTHER civs members that havent done that yet if you need gold. Look in rankings.

Dress your heroes again! Heroes will be nekkid!

You'll have an exodus to move your city. pick carefully (near your friends, a CZ, whatever)

Rebuild outposts near your friends for visiting and start worshipping again once temples are spread out!

Return all troops that need to be assigned to Outposts and then to your lairs.

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