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You are now playing the world’s most advanced browser game. This Wiki contains all basic information of the game, all you need is to read it I hope that it will help you to be fully familiar with MoW and therefore enjoy the game even more!! For any and all updates and maintenances that happen for the game you should ALWAYS clear cache and restart your browser. Otherwise, you may not be able to see or use these updates. When you have a problem ALWAYS clear cache before asking someone for help, it is the first thing we will have you do!

I will continue to work more on this... mail me if you see an area that needs additions/corrections ~~ ~~ TAZ (Alliance server (13) or

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A complilation of Frequently asked Questions

BEGINNER: First Steps Guide

Learn which civ you would do best at.

There are four civilizations each with their own benefits. You will first have to pick which that best suits you.


China Egypt Persia Rome

Click on one of the above pictures (civilizations) to learn about their bonuses and special troops!

Beginners Guide

Tips and Tricks

Leveling your hero.




Age Progression



You can recruit Heroes in your Tavern. Every hour, the tavern refreshes, but you have to look into the tavern to make it refresh. Meaning, the timer will count down again once you click it. This way, you don't miss any good heroes, but it may take more time to get a good hero. A higher level tavern gives more heroes per refresh. Whether or not a higher level tavern has a higher chance per slot for a better hero, or each slot has the same chance for a better hero has not been tested or confirmed.

There are 4 colors that a hero can be. In order of worst to best, they are:

WHITE, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE. White is the worst and Purple is the best. The better color, the more increase in attribute points a hero gets every time he/she levels up. That is a big difference for higher lvl heroes. When a White hero levels up, he/she only gets 4 attribute points for you to add. A Blue hero, on the other hand, gets 8 attribute points for you to manually add per level up. Your starter Blue hero only gets 7 attribute points per level up though, until you use the Hero Evolution Badge to turn him/her Purple.


Hero equipment (armor,accessories and weapon) can be obtained in many ways including hunting npc mobs, trading honor points, the arcadian ladder and lairs.

  • White- Common quality/rarity. Better than nothing but only just.
  • Green- Fine quality/rarity. Small bonuses.
  • Blue- Excellant quality/rarity. Average bonuses, some blue pieces giving quite decent troop bonus.
  • Purple- Outstanding quality/rarity. Very good improvement to hero stats and bonuses.
  • Orange- Legendary quality/rarity. So far the only legendary quality items in the game are pets.

Hero Attributes


Hero Stats and Hero Experience Table

Hero Skills and where to find them

The skills are the magic spells that they can cast


In MoW, equipment plays an important role in the strength of your hero. All equipment is divided by 10 levels and there are 4 levels of quality distinguished by different colors. The colors are: white, green, blue, and purple, from the lowest quality to the highest. Purple equipment is the best quality and has the lowest drop rate. Blue and purple equipment both have an attribute limit; your hero can only equip them if they satisfy the attribute requirement.

Gear info

More Gear Info This page lists all set items out there, besides the stats showed here it's possible that set items have an extra bonus stat on it


Guild interface

Guild tasks

Growth Tasks

==Guild System==

There is also a new Guild system where your members can complete their tasks to obtain reward for themselves and help the growth of the guild level.

Auction House and Mall

The Auction House is a HUGE part of MoW. This feature allows you player to player trading as well as selling something for a profit. As seen in the picture below this is where you would click to OPEN the Auction House, commonly known as AH.  You can also purchase Gear in the Item shop (mall)

Troop Types

There is a special relationship between different troops and city defense facilities. As a commander, you must master all the different types of facilities and troops on the battlefield. You have to utilize this knowledge to conquer your enemy and win the battle with the least amount of losses when arranging formations and deciding battle strategy. Click the Troop Types link for more info.

Carnage Info



It can get you the gold that you need for all your upgrades. By garrisoning your heroes you can protect yourself from being plundered unless the attacker defeats your garrisoned heroes.


Buildings can provide all kinds of function support for player in resource producing and troops recruiting. At the beginning, players will have the lowest level city, and you can build 22 different structures successively according to the game progression, including Civilian Houses, Town Center, Barracks, Taverns, Military Armory, Markets, etc. In the region outside the City, players can build Farms, Quarries, Lumber Mills and Metal Mines. Players can develop their own Cities according to the differences in building functions, style, level and quantity. Do you want to build a powerful Military Country, or a wealthy Trade Center? It all depends on you!

Hero Monument


Upgrades This page contains links for many buildings and it's research skills

Archery Range, Arsenal, Barracks, Civilian_House, Domestic_Affairs_Center,

Hero_Academy, Holy_Place, Military_Center, Production_Center, Stable,

Tavern, Walls, Gates, Towers, Warehouse, Castle

New Professions

You can enhance your troops strengths by Smithing

You can also enhance their abilities by Cooking. :^)

Region View of your City

>Suburb Mowsuburb.png




Stone Quarry


Link to help with battles in the wild

NPC/Monster stats, Lair info, Collection Points, and Teleport Point

The VIP system

It will replace what many of you used to know as the Noble and will allow some automated features to your game. Some of the automated, one key, features are explained here.


The Arcadian Ladder

It is a multilevel NPC feature with increased difficulty as you move the each battle. You are allowed 1 attempt per day to complete the levels and receive chances to gain ore for augmenting your gear as well as other random dropped prizes. Arcadian Ladder Safe spots: pics for all 5 floors and Ladder Missions that reward you nicely

Dont forget to try YouTube for all the videos of the Arcadian Ladder safe spots and how they are performed.That's a great tool also. Just search for "Ministry of War Ladder" and there are a bunch of helpful videos to watch!

Cobalt Ore

Cobalt Ore

Cobalt Ore reward
Jade Hare

Jade Hare

Jade_Hare_Ornament reward


Arena map mow

Arena info

Combat Mechanics: describes the mechanics by which damage is calculated in combat

Mini Games:

There are a couple of games you can play within Ministry of War. Both can yield good prizes like purple gear, experience orbs, resource packs, restortion medals, etc. Levers of Fortune is free once a day and guarantees and tavern refresh and 1 additional prize. you may buy more coins to try again if you'd like to. Mars Temple lets you try over and over from the beginning as many times as you'd like for free with a prize each time. You can pay vouchers to skip to higher levels.

Levers of Fortune


Mars Temple




Want one? These are a new addition and lots of fun to potty train. Just kidding. Click the picture above or visit PETS1or PETS2 for more info on PETS!!!!! :^)

Merchant info


Merchant Tutoral part 1 and Merchant Tutorial part 2

Also check out this link to learn about the villages and Cities the merchants travel to... Merchant travel-to villages and Trade Center info

Missionary Info

Holy Place 01


Territory_and_Tips_for_Surrounded_Players Territory Tips,

How to gain territory

Loose territory

Contested Zone Battles


Campsites and Outposts




Example of merger


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