• To find the Mars Temple you must first click on the Battle Tab located at the bottom middle of your screen.
  • Mars Temple costs 10,000 Gold to play and is a sort of gambling game within the game.


  • Notice the lit torch on the number 1. This is where it costs 10,000 Gold to start playing.
  • Lighting the second torch (number 21) will cost you 125 Points/Vouchers.
  • The third torch (number 41) will cost 425 Points/Vouchers.
  • Fourth torch (number 61) will cost 1,200 Points/Vouchers.
  • Fifth torch (number 81) will cost 2,150 Points/Vouchers.
  • Final torch (number 101) will cost 5,000 Points/Vouchers.
  • To play you click on the sword to kill the guard. Then you enter a room where you pick a box from the top row. VIP can pick 2 boxed top two rows, and you can pay an extra 25 points to open the final row.
  • Rewards vary from resources to gear to skills.
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