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a) Overview

On your main screen after first login you have tons of informations and things to click. Here is an overview about the most important stuff:

On the left top side you have:

your income for food, wood, stone material, metal and gold. Food is needed for soldiers. they consume food per hour. how much depends on the units you use. wood, stone material and metal are needed to upgrade buildings, to do researches and to train soldiers. gold is needed for training soldiers and also for researching skills.

On the top in the middle of your screen you have:

3 small signs. Only the green arrow is important at the moment. Just click it, and all ages that exists are shown to you. Also the requirements for reaching next age is shown, if you click on em. What are those ages for? per age you can upgrade a building for 4 more lvls. so lvl 4 is max lvl for buildings on first age. same for researches. (at least for the first 4 ages, if you reach last age, max building lvl and research lvl for all will be lvl 20 - at least i think for all, not sure about that yet) higher buildings / researches / and also higher tier units requires higher age. The most difficult part to have as requirement is on the first ages the hero lvl, and later it will be more hard to get the required fame.

on the right top side you have:

city - gives you an overview about your city (you have 1 city on starting game, you can have later more citys. how much depends on the age you are in / on fame)

guild - all infos about your guild, if you have one. you can also donate res and gold to guild and upgrade guild and build guild buildings.

friend - for friends you can add in game

info - you get new infos like "mails" there, for example if a hero did win a fight or if a merchant arrived somewhere

mail - for ingame mail

task - this one is very important. there are tons of tasks in the game. 3 kinds of tasks are existing:

the main tasks, which leads you trough the game process. there are some nice card rewards for em. They also give fame. And its required to have em done from the current age, before you can start next age.

growth task - those gives nice res for reward and also some gold and fame. youll need the res to upgrade buildings, do researches, and train troops.

daily task - you can do em ones a day. there are also some nice rewards on em. mostly gold, but also cards like double exp for one hour.

rank - there you can check your rank, other ranks and also guild ranks. they can be sorted for example by fame, gold, civilization and so on.

options - for ingame options like sound for example

on the left down side you have an overview about your:


castellan is just your name

fame - you gain fame with building, researches, and doing lairs, some tasks also gives fame. fame is required for reaching higher ages.

manor - thats how big your territory is. you can increase it with building new temples (ill explain that later) and researches for it

population - thats how many people you have in your town and how many your town can have maximum. troops use population, and buildings use population too. you can increase the max population you can have with building / upgrading civilian houses. you can have max 10 civ houses and 20.000 population seems to be max.

popularity - thats how much your people in your town "loves you". it decreases if you lose soldiers, but it also decreases a little bit over time (i think 3 popularity per day). it increases if you do new buildings and researches but military center researches. it decreases on military center researches. i have no clue what happens, if it decreases to zero. (and i dont want to try out lol)

in the middle of your page you have:

build - there you can build new buildings

hero - shows you your heroes with lvl / gear / units, the locate hero option is very usefull

bishop - for bishop lvl and locating em

merchant - for merchant lvl and locating em

units - shows you all unused units in your city (unused = not allocated on a hero), you can also disband troops if you click on em, or put em with "authorize troops" to defend your city, BUT allocating on a hero and garrison with your hero is a better idea. ill explain that later under pvp section.

event - not enabled on beta so far, so no clue which kind of evens well have later

mall - shop for cash players, not enabled on beta so far

treasure - includes cards (rewards or bought for cash), gear for your heroes, potions for health and mana, and also collection items for merchants and spells for heroes

palace - brings you to the hall for main tasks

competition - for creating arena team and joining arena games

accomplishment - accomplishments you can reach or did reach allready in game, they are like archievments

battle - not enabled so far on beta server, its probably for guild or capitol wars

and last but not least you have on right side:

city brings you to your city, where you can build / research / train

suburth is a small area arround your city, there are your farms / mines, and you can do hunts for lvl 1 - 19 creatures there (those hunts are like the "training area")

world - thats the main part of this game. there are the bosses located in lairs, the monsters to hunt, and other citys to raid, but also npc citys to trade with your merchants / collects. and much more stuff.

b) Buildings and researches

first you should start to:

upgrade your city. most new buildings will require higher town center. so i would suggest to upgrade it. just click it and click upgrade for it. then build another building. i would suggest to click on suburth and build a farm there (click on build and choose one, click build on it. there are 5 spots for farms on each kind). you can build 2 buildings per queue.

later you are also able to do researches to upgrade your income in ressources or to upgrade your units. you can do one research in any building that allows a research. so if you have 3 buildings that allows researches, you can do one research parallel in each of em (3 all in all). For researching things just click on a building and then click upgrade on the skill you want to research.

here are the buildings i know so far in MoW:

Town Center - its required on lvl xx for other buildings, higher lvl means more gold output per hour

warehouse - the higher it is, the more ressources you can hold

tavern - there you can hire heroes, bishops and merchants. higher lvl can give you better ones. the colour of quality is: white, green, blue, purple, orange. the better colour, the higher growth you get on attributes per lvl up. per lvl up some attributes increase themself, but you also get one free attribute point per lvl up that you can allocate yourself.

market - thats needed to trade one kind of ressources into another kind, i dont know if there is a benefit for higher lvl

trade center - thats needed to send merchants out to trade with other citys, i dont know if there is a benefit for higher lvl

civilian house - thats needed to increase your max population you can have. soldiers and also buildings need population. so its needed to upgrade those houses, you can have 10 civilian houses (on all other buildings you can have only 1), and 2.000 population seems to be maximum for a civilian house.

city defence office - thats needed to defend your city. click on it, click garrison, and you can chose one ore more heroes out of your town with troops to defend your city. if they are set to garrison theyll defend your city even if you are offline. higher lvl on it means you can set more heroes to garrison.

holy palace - its needed to build temples and to do worships to increase your civilization / get new territorys, i didnt found out about a benefit on higher lvl so far.

barracks - thats needed to train melee soldiers, higher lvl decreases training times

archery range - thats needed to train ranged soldiers, higher lvl decreases training times

stable - thats needed to train soldiers on mounts, higher lvl decreases training times

arsenal - thats needed to train sieging units, higher lvl decreases training times

castle - thats needed to train lvl 5 units (war elephants for example), those are the highest / best units in game, higher lvl decreases training times

production center - its needed to upgrade skills like higher increase on res for example or shorter building times. higher lvl on it decreases research times and is needed to research higher skills.

military center - its needed to upgrade your soldiers with researches. higher hp for example or shorter training times. higher lvl on it decreases research times and is needed to research higher skills.

domestic affairs center - another building for research things, like higher gold gain for merchants for example. higher lvl on it decreases research times and is needed to research higher skills.

hero academy - a building to research things like higher attack or defence for hero for example. higher lvl on it decreases research times and is needed to research higher skills.

City gates, walls and towers - those are to defend your city - im not sure how they work yet. im sry.

you should try to upgrade your buildings all the time. mostly i would suggest to focus on higher ressource income and also trying to get the requirements for higher units. researches are important too, but they eat tons of res and tons of time.

if you run out of res you can claim some task rewards. i claim em only, if im short on res. so i have some in reserve any time i can claim, if i need em, or at least i had since i reached second last age.

c) now up to our hero:

first: the C o l o u r of hero is important. the quality is white, green, blue, purple, orange. the better quality, the higher increase a hero gets per lvl up. so that does a big difference for higher lvl heroes. i personaly check my taverns each full hour, to have a look if i can get a better ones. the 1 hour refresh timer on your tavern only starts, if you click it !

now up to your first fight / to get experience for your hero:

First go to your city (click city icon on the right side - next to suburth / world) now click hero in the middle of the page and click renew formation. now you can arrange your troops on the hero. a hero can carry max 8 stacks of units. one stack can have up to 600 soldiers. you can have 2 or more stacks of same kind of units. if you are done with arranging your soldiers you should do first fight, to get experience and lvl ups for your hero. i personaly prefer to use a mix of ranged and melee units. but thats just my 2 cents. ill explain later, why i use this mix. i suggest to do first fights on suburth. I also suggest to start with monsters. monsters, weaponry, resource, boss, whats that ? Monsters gives nice exp to you, they also drop from time to time some potions, your hero can use. Weaponrys are to get items, but less exp on em. resources is to get some resources on fights, but you get lower experience on em for your hero. bosses will drop equipement, your hero can use. they also can drop double exp scrolls, normal equipe, set items, potions, spells and collections.

now back to your first fight: just click suburth. now scroll about the red points on the minimap since you find a low lvl monster (i suggest lvl 1 for start). click on the red sign on the minimap to see the monster on main map. now click the monster on the main map and click hunt. your hero goes for this monster now. it will need a time to arrive which is shown allready. and it will need for hunts on world map some food to go there. for suburth it dont needs food. (your hero can carry max 10.000 food, you can give him more then he needs for one way, so if he asks 200 food you can give him 1000 to do more hunts then one).

if your hero arrives at the monster youll get a popup window. you have two options now: automatic - this means the ki will automaticly fight, you dont need to do any confirm - this means you can do the fight yourself. i suggest to use this option, to get experienced with the combat engine

now the fight itself:

after you did click confirm, youll get the battleground. on the top of the page you have a bar. those are your units on the left side and the enemy units on the right side (the amount of all units). on the map itself you see your hero, and your stacks of troops. on the right side you see standbye, thats like waiting. retreat, set battle to auto / manual, and quit (if you leave it, the ki will do the fight for you). you are able to click and move your units and hero, if you do the battle on manual / yourself.


the enemys will attack those units, which they are closest to. means, if your hero is infront of your units, the enemy units will attack your hero. BUT: if there are only lets say 5 slots arround your hero, and the enemy has 8 stacks of units, 5 will attack the hero. the other 3 will wait as long, as another of your stacks / units is close to em. then theyll attack this stack. thats important, cause this way you can avoid loses. how that? just send your hero first, since all enemy stacks attacks your hero. if there are still stacks, which arent able to attack your hero (cause not enough slots arround him), send your ranged units to kill em (they arent close enough to get attacked). wait with your melee units as long, as all enemy units are attacking your hero and no more are "free" which dont attacks hero. now this explains, why i prefer to play with a mix beetween ranged and melee units. even if melee units do many more damage. but on using only melee units you lose some for sure on fights, because not enough slots for all enemy units to attack your hero.

if you click the hero itself, you are able to use potions for restoring healthpoints and manapoints, if you have equiped some. and you are also able to use skills, if you found some, you have equiped on your hero. just click em, to use em.

Dont worry, if your hero dies. he loses morale on it, but nothing else (check for moral on hero attributes pls). but try dont to lose troops or not many of em. if you lose again and again troops its expensive to replace em, and on higher ages youll need your ressources for upgrading buildings and doing researches instead of replacing troops all the time.

Hero - the attribute points

click on the hero symbol in the bar beside merchants / bishops and click check hero. now your hero is shown with equipe, attribute points and so on. the attribute points are :

power: increases heroes attack and constitution command: increases the upper limit of heroes units (1 more unit per attribute point in it, but 40 more units per lvl up of your hero) agility: increases heroes defence and speed intelligence: increases heroes mp (mana points) and ability to handle internal affairs. about internal affairs, i GUESS thats the following (but just a guess, i hadnt one yet): if your popularity in your city goes down to zero, youll have internal affairs. the population will try to "kick" you and get another leader for their city. but like i told, its just a guess.

if you hire a hero, all the 4 attributes will be random. i think minimum for each is 11 (thats the lowest i saw so far) and maximum seems to be 51 (thats the highest i saw so far). so 51 / 51 / 51 / 51 seems to be best. but its just a guess. its possible that higher base attributes are existing (or lower ones).


white heroes gain per lvl up 1 attribute point on each four attributes green heroes gain per lvl up 1,5 attribute points on each four attributes blue heroes gain per lvl up 2 attribute points on each four attributes purple heroes gain per lvl up 2,5 attribute points on each four attributes orange heroes gain per lvl up 3 attribute points on each four attributes

so you see the colour of heroe is very important. lets compare for example blue and orange ones: lets say both have same base attributes: 50. 50. 50. 50 both are lvl 100 so blue gains: 99 lvl * 2 attribute points each: 198 blue will be 248, 248, 248, 248 so orange gains: 99 lvl * 3 attribute points each: 297 orange will be 347, 347, 347, 347 thats a HUGE difference

for each lvl up of your hero, you get also ADDITIONAL one attribute point, you can allocate yourself. about what to put the attribute points on, i have no clue. not many players on beta since now. and its very hard to lvl up the heroes. so im sry, that i cant tell you any about it. you can allocate em if you click on hero beside merchants / bishops and click check hero. your attributes are shown and you can add free attribute points you gained for lvling.

additional to the hero attributes, there are the following informations, if you check your hero:

Name of your Hero Lvl of your Hero Experience gained / experience needed for next lvl HP = Health or Hit points MP = Mana points (spells consumes mana points) HP and MP restores over time, and you also can use potions in clicking the + sign out of combat, to refill it. In combat you can use potions also, if you click your hero Attack - thats how many damage your hero does Defence - the defence of your hero

  1. of units - thats how much troops your hero can carry

Internal - thats how good your hero can handle internal affairs

and clicking your hero in combat shows you also your heroes moral. it seems to be the lower the moral is, the more damage your hero gets, and the less damage he does. max moral seems to be 120. Moral decrease if you renew the formation (1 morale for each stack you renew) and if your hero dies or if troops die. it increases if you kill troops, nevermind if those are npc or player troops.

now up to the heroes equipe:

click again on hero on the bar beside merchants / bishops. click check hero. now your hero is shown with all slots for equipement. those slots are: helmet, armor, belt, trousers, boots, earring, necklace, ring, mantle, weapon. you can get those items on lairs and also on hunting weaponry. if you got some you can equipe it if you click on backpack. the rest explains itself. just my 2 cents: set items seems to be very usefull. i got from time to time one on doing lairs. you can also equipe your hero with mana / healthpotions there. mana and hitpoints are restored over time. but potions may be usefull, to gain mana or hitpoints immediatly on fights. just equipe em, to be able to use em in fights.

hero spells:

on hero - check hero - backpack - consum youll also find spells, if you found some on weaponry or lair. (im not sure if they drop on weaponry, found 8 so far on lairs) you need to find first lvl 1 spells, to be able to equipe lvl 2 spells. you cant equipe lvl 2 spells, if you havent equiped lvl 1 spells before on your hero. just my 2 cents: its not that nice, cause spells seems to be very rare. hopefully snail will patch it

how to use those spells? if you are in a combat, just click on your hero. the spells, you did learn, will be showed to you, just click em to use em.

Whats best way to lvl up your hero?

Most experience gives Lairs (search on worldmap - bosses). So try to do a lair all 15 minutes, after the cooldown is ready again. Beetween those lairs, you can hunt experience monsters, if you dont need to restore so much hitpoints. Also using 2x exp cards helps tons. you can gain them with a daily task, and they drop from time to time also on lairs.

d) Merchants

After you did build your trade center, you can use your merchants. (you can hire merchants in your tavern) You can do lots of gold with your merchants. And there are 2 ways to do gold with em: Either you collect items yourself on worldmap (collect points) to sell in another city / capitol, or you just use your merchants to buy stuff in one country and sell em in another. The last way brings many more gold. For collect points: they need to be without your manor (check on bishops), and if they are, you can send a hero to em to collect. the cooldown for it is 2 minutes.

How to use merchants?

Click your trade center first. then equipe your merchant either with collects or with gold (100 k gold is very fine for start, but hard to have that much to equipe first i know). If its done, click the "leave" button. Click on a point to travel to. If you wanna sell stuff, and you cant reach a famous city or capitol in one turn, just send your merchant in the right direction. if he arrives, click again on it, click leave again, and send the merchant to the famous city or capitol. You can sell stuff only in famous citys and capitols, you cant sell in villages. thats important to know.

How to lvl your merchant / how to gain lots of gold

Now back to the "reselling collect" thing. Equipe your merchants with gold, as much as you have / they can collect. 150 k gold per merchant would be perfect, but 10 k or so is allready a nice start. send em to buy stuff in a village or famous city or capitol, nevermind which 3 of em you chose. after you did buy that stuff, send your merchants to a famous city or capitol from ANOTHER COUNTRY (different countrys have different colour on merchant - leave map) to sell those things. For example: Buy your stuff in persian, sell it in Egypt. Just an example. After you can recall your merchants, to bring the gold home. If you do it this way, it guarants you about 25 % win up to about 250 % win and also very very nice merchant experience. Very active players can gain easy 3 or 4 million gold per day with using 6 or more merchants doing this ! The more far you sell the stuff away from the country, you did buy stuff, the more profit youll do on the travel.

Attribute points of merchants

Your merchants gains attribute points per lvl. for the increase of em, it works exactly same way, like it does on heroes. so you may check attribute points on heroes for the colours of merchants / automatic increase of attribute points. You also gain one attribute point each lvl up, which you can allocate yourself. There are 4 kinds of attributes for merchants. Those are:

weight: any collect item has it own weight. some have only 10 weight for example, while other have 400 for example. The load weight is the max weight your merchant can carry. So the summary of weight of all collects you wanna carry, cant be higher then the load weight.

speed: increases the travel speed of your merchants

eloquence: increases the amount of gold, your merchant will get for selling collects. higher eloquence means higher price purchased for your collects.

attractiveness: increases the amount of collects a merchant can carry. but this time not depended on the load, like it is on weight. this time its just the amount itself, the "number" of collects. I think the formula is: Amount of collects a merchant can carry: (attractiveness / 3) + 1

So you should know now all about your merchants.

e) Bishops

If you reach the second Age, youll be able to build a Holy Place and have Bishops. You also will be able to build temples. You will need all those to increase your manor (territory) and civilization.

How to build Temples?

First you should build your Holy Place in your City. After its done, you should do a worship in it. That costs some gold, but worships increases your civilization! And a first worship is also needed, to be able to build temples. After you started your worship in the holy place, you need to wait about 1 hour, since you gained your first territory / manor from your Holy Place. If thats down, leave your city, and go on the map on a green square next to your city. Green squares are your manor / territory. Click on the square and click build temple. To build it, you will also need a free bishop in your town (you can hire more bishops in the tavern). After its done, you also should begin to do a worship there.

What does Holy Place and Temples?

Your Holy Place and your temples increases first your manor / territory. How much depends on your sphere of influence. If your sphere of influence is for example 3, all your temples will have 3 green squares in each direction arround em. Green squares are your manor / territory. Depending on your manor, you also get a bonus on your ressource income! the more manor you have, the higher bonus youll get! so high manor is a good thing. Later in game youll also be able to research a skill, to increase your sphere of influence, which will increase your manor for your temples / holy place. And on the other side Holy Place and temples increase your civilization, but only if you do worships in em. How much it increases depends on your worship bonus, you can see the bonus in your holy place. Youll need some civilization allready to reach next age. I dont know, if there is also a ressource bonus for higher civilization. And it seems to be important also for pvp on manor / territory. But all i could say, would be only a guess, so i better should up


There is also one more way to get more manor. but its only temporary ! The way is missionizing new territory. If you have a free bishop, you can click on a green square again and missionize there. That means youll get some more manor arround it. BUT: this manor / territory is only temporary! After some time youll lose it again! It may be a good idea, to missionize some manor first, to build a new temple after it there. so youll get max manor / sphere of influence per temple. Else 2 temples would "use" same manor.

Bishops attribute points:

pray - on that it depends, if your bishops are able to decrease enemys (other players) civilization, and if other players are able to decrease your civilization

missionary - the higher it is, the more civilization youll get on worships

defame - factor that would influence expansion of civilization (im sry, thats the ingame description, and i have no clue what it means in practice)

pious - factor, that influences the ability to defend against other players

I have no clue, which attribute will be best, i think a good mix from different setup bishops would be best, so 2 or 3 bishops of each kind perhaps. but its just a guess! so if it dont works, dont complain about it pls.

PVP on bishops / manor / territory

Bishops are one way to pvp. Mostly for manor / territory, they wont have combats in the classic way, for those we still have our heroes They also seem to be the only way to get manor or steal manor from other players. and if you have tons of players close to you, it will become interesting, cause manor can give a ressource output bonus on your mines.

There are 2 ways for pvp on manor / temples: First, you can defame enemys temples. Just click on the temple for it, and click defame. i GUESS you need a temple yourself close to it, to be able to do it, or at least a bishop close to it. Im not able at the moment to try it out myself. So other players experience from beta would be very welcome on that ! The second way is to destroy enemys temples. Just click again on the temple for it and click destroy. i GUESS you need a temple yourself close to it again or a bishop, and i GUESS its only possible, if you decreased the civilization on the enemys temple to a certain amount allready. but also here i need again the experience of other players pls.

How to lvl up your bishops

Bishops getting experience for missionizing, but also for doing worships in temples / holy place. The best way to lvl em up, seems to be to dispatch em to the holy place or to a temple and just doing worships 24 / 7. I dont know yet, if its able to get experience for bishops on pvp. If other players have experience in it, pls let me know.

f) Arena

In Ministry of War you are able to do Arena games. Thats like training pvp without loses, cause in arena games, you dont lose any units for the games. To do arena you need an arena team first. Click in your city on competition (in the bar with build, hero, bishops and so on). Then click on management of team, create, chose which kind of team (on beta only 1 vs 1 teams are enabled atm), give a name to the team and confirm it. If its done, click again on competition, apply for arena. Your hero with your units needs to be in your city to be able to do this. Chose your hero and your team. and click confirm. it costs 1.000 Gold for each arena game. There is no cooldown on arena and no max amount of games per day yet. Winner gets 2.000 gold for winning arena, loser gets nothing. It can take some minutes, since the arena game opens. Youll get an opponent within your arena team points range. So you wont get a very very strong player while you are very weak or the other way. Thats all. If the arena game pops up, you can do it yourself or auto. For each lose in arena you lose 15 team points, for each win you gain 25 team points. Melee units seems to be the strongest for arena / seems to work best. Dont think there is more important stuff about arena. but if im wrong pls let me know, and ill add it.

g) Player versus player - PvP

You can PvP alot on MoW. There are since now 3 different ways:

Attacking Citys

Just click on another city, then click attack and chose your hero. This function isnt enablet yet in beta. i guess, its either to destroy enemy cities or to overtake em. Another thing to stay tuned about

Plundering Citys

Thats for getting ressources from other players. For doing this just click on another players city. Then click plunder and chose your hero. You can plunder other player citys from same race only within same age. And for players of other countrys: they need to be within 5x of your fame, if they have lower fame then you. If they have higher fame then you, you can plunder em any time. For plundering: i suggest to plunder mostly inactive players. Active players may have setup castelans, so you may lose your time / units / food for traveling on it. If you lose units on trying to plunder another players city, you get back about 80 % of your lost units. At the moment you can plunder with a hero with 1 unit only, units dont have something like "weight" to carry ressources from other player citys to your city. So it dont makes a difference if you send a hero with 1 unit or a hero with 1.000.000 units. And the ressources you get on plundering, are added immediatly to your city. You dont need to wait for your hero returning for getting the ressources added.


You also can ambush other player heroes, if they are on worldmap. For that you should be close with your hero to the enemys hero. Then click your hero, click ambush, and then click enemys hero. May the better player win I dont know, if you get back about 80 % of your units, if you lose, like it is on plundering. Another thing, we need to find out first.

h) Guilds

In MoW you can also join guilds, or create your own ones. Just click the guild sign on the top right side of your screen for it. Creating a guild costs 50.000 Gold, joining one dont costs any i think. Guilds also have level. Lvl 20 is max for guilds. It costs gold (that need to be donated to guild first) to upgrade guild lvl. Per guilds lvl the guild can hold 20 members. so 400 members for guild lvl 20 is max. But thats just now in beta. that may change on life server. It also will be able to build guild buildings, which will have benefits for members i guess. But its not included in beta yet, so lets stay tuned!

i) So far unknown stuff

Tons of stuff in beta is still unkown, like guild buildings for example, like capitol wars and so much more. ill add that / edit the thread, if i get new informations about it, or if it goes life on the server. So pls forgive me, that this guide may not include all informations. Sometimes the patches may come more soon, then im able to find out about new stuff. It will stay a work in progress guide.

j) All researches

Production Center

Heavy plow populary: raise the grain output (more income on food), how much per lvl i dont know. 975 on skill lvl 20

Bow hook: raise the lumber output (more income on wood), how much per lvl i dont know. 325 on skill lvl 20

Quarrying: raise the stone output (more income on stone), how much per lvl i dont know. 488 on skill lvl 20

Metal mining: raise the metal output (more income on metal), how much per lvl i dont know. 325 on skill lvl 20

Construction refiner: increases building speed for 1 % per skill lvl (20 % is max on skill lvl 20)

warehouse refiner: increases the ammount of unpillageable resources for 3 % per skill lvl (60 % is max on skill lvl 20)

Bow production: decreases the training time for long range units for 1 % per skill lvl (20 % is max on skill lvl 20)

Forging production: decreases the training time for melee units for 1 % per skill lvl (20 % is max on skill lvl 20)

Military Center

Training for melee units: increase the hitpoints of melee units

Strengthen attack: increase the attack of melee units

Standing army: increase the defence of melee units

Training for ranged units: increase the hitpoints of ranged units

Aiming refinement: increase the attack of ranged units

Defence with cross: increase the defence of ranged units

Engeneering: increase the hitpoints of engeneering units

Engeneering attack: increase the attack of engeneering units

Engeneering protection: increase the defence of engeneering units

March skill: increase the march speed for 0,5 % per skill lvl

Persian war elephants: increase defence of persian war elephants

Muslim cavalier refiner: unique battle skill of muslim cavalier (whatever it means, im sry cant research it yet)

Domestic Affairs Center

Worship refinement: increase worship power (more civilazition gained for worships)

Religious studies: decreases gold consume for worships

Religious influence: increase sphere of influence (+1 sphere per skill lvl)

Medicine: increase hero healing speed for 2 % per skill lvl

Trade refinement: increase gold gain through trade for 1 % per skill lvl

Hero Academy

Hero attacking: increase heroes attack for 1 % per skill lvl

Hero reinforcement: increase heroes hp for 1 % per skill lvl

Hero armor: increase heroes defence for 1 % per skill lvl

Hero training: increase the amount of units the heroes can carry for 10 per skill lvl

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