As a country you will of course want to expand your territory, you can do this by attacking a "Holy Place" in a neutral region. Your guild can only attack one Holy Place a day.

There are certain requirements to taking over a region - The guild leader has to declare (for now)

- Guild needs 30 members and 100.000 Guild Glory

- Fights happen between 7 to 10PM Pacific Standard time, declaring can be done before that time and takes 2 hours.

The Battle

The fight itself is against approximately 5.500 enemy troops and the timer is stretched up to 20 minutes!

There are 9 enemy stacks consisting off:

484 Guard Cavaliers

615 Guard Peltasts

632 Guard Peltasts

616 Guard Peltasts

625 Guard Halberdiers

634 Guard Halberdiers

616 Guard Archers

636 Guard Archers

645 Guard Archers


The rewards for taking over a Neutral region are as follows:

- A new province added to your country

- Ability to build Campsite (at 5k glory minimum) in the region

- A total of 41252 xp divided over people participated in battle

- A total of 2061 Carnage divided over people participated in battle

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