There are four different types of pets. Brutality, Vitality, Crafty and Wisdom. Each pet will show which type they are in the bottom right corner fo the pet's picture (shown to the right). Skills for your pet should be based on the type of pet you have.

Where should I assign my attribute points you ask. Well... that all depends on the skills you use on your pet. Sort of like a mini hero, you want your attributes to add to your skill's powers. Example: Heavy Pikeman is a brutality skill so brutality points will make it stronger.

How do I add skills?

You will need a skill box stone which you can get as a drop from the ladder.
Once you have this you can add a random skill to your pet. This skill can be forgotten and replaced if you wish to do so. Be careful when you are replacing skills though, you need the Skill Protection Gem so you do not replace a random skill that you intended on keeping.

Using this will enable you to keep skills you already have and replace the empty slot of a skill you have forgotten. You will not need another Skill Box Stone for this. The Skill Protection Gem can be found in the Mall.

How do I add a star to my pet?

You need a Star Upgrading Gem, which is a drop from the ladder, and you can buy this item from the Mall.

To add this you need to improve your Composite Grade. You start off with one star. Each color of pet needs a different amount of Composite Grade to move up each level. You can improve your Composite Grade by "feeding" or "playing" with your pet. You can obtain these items from Lairs of any level.
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