The Savage age is where you start off. Until you are out of this age (+600 glory) you cannot be attacked or plundered by other players. You can construct the following buildings:

Town Center: The central point of your city, provides gold.Edit
Barracks: The place to recruit peltasts.Edit
Research academy: Here you can research on production enhancement.Edit
Tavern: You can recruit heroes, missionaries and merchants here.Edit
Civilian house: The dwellings of your citizens, the higher they are, the more population you can host.Edit
Warehouse: You store your resources here, the higher its level, the higher the maximum of resources in your city.Edit
Resource mines: Construct in your Region, produce resources.Edit
The troops you can recruit in the savage age:Edit
Swordsmen: The basic peltasts, good against pikemen, but weak against cavalry.Edit
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