Temples, also known as religious sites, are buildings you can place on the worldmap to expand and maintain your territory.

Territory and templesEdit

Each square on worldmap is one unit of territory. To hold territory, you must have spirituality in it. Spirituality can range from 0 to 9999 in each territory square. To have spirituality in a certain square, you must have your city with Holy place, or a Temple, near enough.

To have influence over certain territory square, you must make sure you have enough "spirituality influence" to cover it. In Temple and Holy place stats you see this "spirituality influence", for example: 3 + 4.

This means, that your temple has an area of effect of 3+4=7 squares from it. First three come from your civilization and it's upgrades, including Proselytize upgrade if you have it, which gives +1 square influence per level. The last 4 in that expression, 3 + 4, come from your missionary's skills you have assigned to that certain temple and some other factors, which are not known. Exact formula might include level of your temple, your missionary, your spirituality points in the area etc.

If you destroy your own temple you lose immediately some land to those who have influence in that area. If you have gained new territory and would like to move your temple closer to the border, it is advisable not to destroy your temple, then try to build a new one on border. You will lose multiple squares from border immediately.

Spirituality amount (0-9999) in certain territory square and spirituality in your Temple or Holy Place are separate numbers! Land that holds temples has it's spirituality value, which is different from your temple' spirituality value. In this sense the territory squares, which have temples built on them can have at max. up to 2 x 9999 of spirituality on them.

Temple levelsEdit

Temples cannot be upgraded like other structures. Instead, it upgrades "passively", by itself.

Level of temples depends on current worship, or on last worship. 1st level temples means that there is "slow" worship goes, 2nd - "normal" and 4th - "faster".

Destroying templesEdit

If you want to destroy other players' temple, you must first make sure his/her temple's/city's holy place's spirituality reaches 0. After that, you still have to convert his/her lands' spirituality.

When a rival's temple is on your land, you can destroy it, if you want. And of course you do, to make sure the land is not regained. Simply choose the temple and click "destroy temple" button.

Amount of templesEdit

The amount of temples you can build is directly linked to the amount of Glory you have gathered. Here is a table.

Nr. of Religious Sites

Glory required

Temples allowed to be built


One temple


2 Temples


3 Temples


4 Temples


5 Temples


6 Temples


7 Temples


8 Temples


10 Temples

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