Territoy is good to have.

Gaining TerritoryEdit

To gain territory you have to start worshipping in your "city" building or religious site. It usually takes about 2 hours of worshipping before you can see the territory you have gained, in the case of enemy territory conflicting with yours you might not be able to grow your own territory. To take over enemy territory your spirituality needs to be higher then theirs, to do this you can defame (defame stat influences this) the enemy and worship (pray stat influences this) in your own temples, when your temple is being defamed the Pious stat has influence on how much glory you lose.


There are 3 different types of worshipping: Slower, Normal, Faster.

Worship Type Slower Normal Faster
Basic Cost 1000 10,000 100,000
Basic Spirituality Gain 125 250 500

The Benefits of territoryEdit

Having over 100 territory gives a 1% bonus. Over 300 territory, the bonus increases to 5%. Finally, beyond 1000 territory, the bonus is 10%. The bonus is applied to the player's non-hero units attack and defense in combat. Additionally, the player receives a bonus based on his nation:

Rome gets a hp bonus.

Persia gets a merchant load increase.
1337 territory

China gets a building speed increase.

Egypt gets a research speed increase.

Spiritual Influences Maximum TerritoryEdit

Spiritual influence can be used to calculate the Maximum Territory.

Assuming spiritual influence is X then to calculate territory you have to make the following calculation:



- Missionaries do not get more xp for using a faster worship type.

- There is a bug that causes spirituality points to not get lowered untill the persons worship is over when you are defaming someone.

- Megalo has written a player guide on territory How_to_Expand_yourTerritory_and_Tips_for_Surrounded_Players

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