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Link to help Battle in the wild!!!!

Battle in the Wild is a chance for players to further their skills and to upgrade. Players not only need to know how to kill the monsters, but also learn to protect themselves. Reasonable use of your resources to increase your efficiency is necessary for survival.

The Worldmap has monsters to fight, places to build religious sites, and places to build campsites. There are the Collection points, Villages, and Lairs.Lair

Traveling on the worldmap costs food. If you wish to travel to several locations before returning you need to bring extra food. To equip extra press march or plunder on your target area. In the hero selecting screen you can change the food amount your hero takes up to 10.000 food. It is possible to increase the maximum amount of food by using grain carts (effect stackable).

For more information on the various buildings click the following links.

Collection Points - Insides on collecting merchantable items

Villages and Cities - info on why those carts keep visiting those buildings on the worldmap!

Lair - Want to get a power estimate? experience estimate? loot value? check this page out!

Stables - Feature not yet added, but they do exist on the world map.

Level 7 Stables

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