The Yeti is a world boss
  • Valatta,1884*780 (Africa)</li></li></li>
  • Ha'il 2417*720 (Middle East)</li></li></li>
  • Samara,2832*229 (NW Russia)
    Plat key

    Platinum Key

  • Tohana ,3049*782 (W China)

    When the yeti's are set to appear a message will spam on civ chat, the first time it spams, its get ready. The second time the message spams they appear on map, and

    Noble res pack

    Noble Resource Pack

    they will be attackable "randomly" between 10-15mins later.

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  • World BOSS will refresh at: (1885,783)(2421,727)(2831,228)(3047,789), will become attackable randomly within 10 - 15 minutes. Please prepare for battle. World BOSS has a chance to drop Pet BOSS (players under War Refusal Card and Escape Scroll effect cannot attack BOSS).

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  • The Yeti drops a Platinum key & a Noble Resource Pack. Sometimes a Gem will directly drop also</li></li></li>
  • A Platinum key is used in opening Platinum Chests,to buy a key you must have points and participate in the flash sales (prices vary), and within a chest is listed below ( and of course level 80 purple gears)
    Plat box

    Platinum treasure box


    Here's a Utube clip to give you an idea how dangerous a yeti can be..

    Notice how he uses skills on the whole battlefiled??

    80 gear is obtained from Platinum boxes
    80 gear box

    80 gear box

    Colbolt Ores, the base material for augmenting gears +.

    A platinum box contains 10 ores Equipment#Augmenting

    Cobalt Ore

    Cobalt Ore

    Gem of Fortune, +5% chance of Augmentation success
    Gem of fortune 5%

    Gem of Fortune

    Untouchable Gem used for saving failed Augmentations from +6 to +10
    Untouchable 6 10


    Refined Gold Gem, same as untouchable but high end +10 to +15
    Refined gold gem 10 15

    Refined Gold Gem

    Titan Potions, Instantly adds 3000 HP, cooldown not effected by other potions
    Titan potion


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